Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Guest blog - A Shameful Case of Neglect

Greetings, humans.  My name is Venus (I'm the pretty little blue girl in the photo with my hulking brother, Mason).  I'm doing the blog this time, and I wish to lodge a complaint.  Apparently our slave, your so-called 'Dragonrat' person, is going to leave us alone on Sunday while she goes to play in the forest at the Guisborough Forest Festival.  This is not acceptable behaviour - what happens if there's an emergency, and all the food goes away?  What are we supposed to do; just wait until she decides to come home?  The least she could do is take us with her.  We wouldn't take up a lot of room, and I'm sure no-one would mind!

Actually, it does sound quite interesting.  There's going to be "heavy horse demonstrations, coracle making, bee-keeping, craft stalls, music and entertainment, food and refreshments plus lots lots more!"  I don't really understand why anybody would want to see fat horses (they've probably eaten too much, just like Mason),or why you'd want to keep bees in a cage (wouldn't they just fly out?), but I'm good at wood-carving, and I really, really like food.  Music's good, too.

Anyway, as if this wasn't bad enough, she's doing it again the weekend after!  Inside, this time, at the Chris Cave Foundation Summer Fair.  So you can see that we're in serious danger of starving here.  It's just not good enough.  I'm going to discuss the situation with the others; maybe we'll go on strike.


This is Leigh here.  I will indeed be at both of these events.

Guisborough Forest Festival is on Sunday 9th September at 10am. to 1pm, and the Chris Cave Foundation Summer Fair is on Saturday 15th September at St William's Church, South Avenue, Dormanstown, Redcar.

No animals were hurt in the production of this blog, although some might go without their yoghurt drops for complaining.

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