Thursday, 2 August 2012

Guest blog - Moon

Hi, my name is Moon.  I've only just come to live with Mam and Dad, but in the week or so that I've been here it's become pretty obvious that Mam struggles with this 'blog' thing.  I can't believe none of the others have helped out before, and thought I'd step up and help out.

This is me.  Moon.  I may have already said that, but I'm a rat, so you have to bear with me.

My reading isn't all that good, and I tend to prefer to chew on reading material rather than actually read it, but I don't think Mam's explained where the name of her business came from.  I even heard her and Dad talk about how people get the name wrong, and call it DragonART instead.  So I thought that I'd clear that up today.

Even though Mam lives near Redcar now, she's actually from South Wales, from a village called Caerleon.  They had lots of Romans there ('a long time ago', which means later than last week) and King Arthur was re-crowned there and had a round table, or something.  Because she's Welsh, it's a rule that she has to like dragons, and this is why she's been obsessed with the since she was little (not as little as me, though) and has them all over our house.

So, that's the 'dragon' bit out of the way.  Now for the rat bit.  Not 'art', but 'rat'.  That's very important.  You must not forget this.

What Mam doesn't know is that all of us rats speak to each other - it's too high-pitched for her or Dad to hear,but we have long conversations when we're not being played with, eating, sleeping or teasing the black-and-white thing that's called a dog.  There's a myth that, long ago, before Mam and Dad moved here, they didn't have rats, but I don't believe that.  The myth says that their dog, Fudge, went to the Rainbow Bridge and they were too sad to have another dog, so they got a rat instead.  Then they learned that rats should never be by themselves, and got some more.  They learned how clever we are, and how much love we have to give, and that really we're just like little dogs (that's wrong - we're not like dogs, dogs are like massive rats).  As their rats grew old, and went to the Rainbow Bridge, they got more, and eventually started rescuing abandoned and mistreated rats, and rehoming rats who couldn't stay in their original homes.  That's how I came here; I was rehomed from a wonderful place called Rodent Refuge with my sister, Sun, and big fat brother, Mason.  We were lucky, but there are a lot of rats out there who don't have their own forever home, which is very sad.

So, anyway, the myth says Mam needed a name for the jewellery business - something that was a bit different, like her jewellery.  I haven't seen the jewellery yet, as it's kept somewhere else, but I'm sure it tastes very nice.  So she put together her two favourite things,and came up with Dragonrat.  Not 'art', 'rat'.  Then she drew a little rat, and gave her dragon wings, and that became her logo and business name.

Right, I have to go now.  This typing thing is difficult when you only have tiny hands, plus I haven't eaten for at least half an hour.  I might write again, but I might make one of my brothers and sisters get off their lazy bums and do it instead.

Can you close the cage door on your way out, please?  We don't want the dog getting in here and stealing all the good bits of food.