Thursday, 23 February 2012

Not everybody wants to be holey!

Something us jewellery-makers often seem to forget is that not everybody wants holes poked in them.  Whether by choice or necessity, some people don't have their ears pierced.  I remember, back in the day (it can't be that long ago, surely?) before I was allowed to have my ears pierced, being offered the option of clip-on earrings.  They were all hideous, and were aimed at women my grandmother's age (she can only have been in her sixties, but that was so old back then), and they pinched like mad when they were on but they were better than nothing.  Then came the heady day when I was allowed to finally have my ears pierced (which went hideously wrong, but that's another story) and clip-ons disappeared into the murky past.

When I started making jewellery, I had a look around for clip-on earrings, but they weren't exactly thick on the ground.  So, remembering how uncomfortable they were, I ordered a couple of different types of clips and set about testing.  The general rule of thumb is that they are either comfortable but too loose and fall off, or they are secure but pinch like nobody's business.  There was a screw type that could be tightened just enough, but you had to keep screwing and unscrewing them, and it was fiddly.  Then I found a combination of the clip and screw, and have used them ever since.  You set the screw to the tightness you want, but then use them as clip-ons from that point forward.  You may have to occasionally adjust, but they're nowhere near as fiddly as pure screws.

Since then, I've tried to make as many of my designs as possible in both a pierced and unpierced option.  Not all, because sometimes a charm is too heavy to allow a clip to stay on, or sometimes the charm physically won't fit.  I've also got to think of how it will dangle, as the charm part will rest against the lower loop of the clip.  Sometimes it's not possible because of colour; I've yet to find a reliable stockist of bronze or black coloured clip/screws at a reasonable cost, but I'm still looking.  But the majority of designs are available for pierced or unpierced ears.  So, if you know someone who doesn't want to get holey (or isn't allowed to!), point them my way.  I should be able to help.


  1. Love this post! I have had people ask me so many time at craft fairs because they don't have/don't want pierced ears. Those findings look absolutely brilliant and so do those gorgeous earrings:)

  2. You have actually hit upon a good point here. A customer of mine, lets say of a certain age, asked me if i made anything using clip on earring findings as she never had her ears pierced in her life. She said if god wanted you to have holes in you, you would have been born that way!!!. I did source some similar to the ones above, and she was very pleased with the finished result.

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