Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I need more coffee

The reason I say I need more coffee, is that I've drunk the one I made half an hour ago before coming in to write this first post.  I've been sat here desperately wracking my brains for a way to start, and all I've accomplished is one cup of coffee.  For someone who loves the written word, I'm not very good at talking to people, whether it be in person, on the phone or on screen.  I've been putting off starting this blog for some time now (I managed to put it off for another hour today by not noticing the 'save changes' button when making up the template) and it's purely because I often have a problem convincing myself that I know what to say.  So I'm rambling.

I assume that this is the place where I'm supposed to tell you about me and Dragonrat.  This is something else I have problems with.  I've just put in for the Redcar & Cleveland Creative Directory for 2011/12, and I had to write a short bio for that.  It took days.  Naturally, I can't find the email that contained it, or I'd copy it here and that would be problem over.  Instead, for now, I'll just say that I used to make jewellery as a hobby for myself, and that it expanded to selling on eBay and at craft fairs, and now I have the website and Etsy. 

The Dragonrat part is explainable, though.  While I may live in Middlesbrough, I'm actually from South Wales, and I've had an unhealthy obsession with dragons since an early age.  I've got a reasonable collection of dragon figurines and the like, and get my literary dragon fixes through a range of fantasy and sci-fi books and films.  The rat part came into my life about eight years ago, when I got my first pet fancy rat.  These days we have rather more than one, and rehome for local rescues and the RSPCA.  And the wings just look right on a rat.

I think I'll leave it here now, finish it up.  I'm not sure if I've actually said anything, but there seem to be enough words.  Knowing the way I am with technology, I'll probably manage to lose all this before it posts (it's a constant source of amazement to me that I've not killed the website yet *touches wood*) but if I don't, please be kind.  I'm off in search of coffee and chocolate, that holy pairing.


  1. Hi Leigh, well done for taking the plunge! I know how difficult it can be sometimes to think of interesting things to type but you've done really well. I also know how much it can mean to get a blog comment so here's your 1st one! :D
    Your post has made me want coffee... and chocolate lol

  2. Couldn't agree more with you that wings look right on rats (says the lady with 6 winged rats tattooed on her back). Look forward to following your blog, but now I must also go in search of coffee and choc ;) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm